"Owen Charles"

A Documentary about Ordinary American Heroes trying to restore the American Dream!
Coming Soon in early 2012

"We must remember that the Government of the United States operates at the consent of the Governed (We the People) and not as it feels now the other way around"

  1. 1. Dave Champions excellent book and narrative on who actually should be paying Federal Income Taxes
  2. 2. Congressman Phil Hart examines what the definition of "Income" was in 1913.
  3. 3. Ron Paul examines the creation of the Federal Reserve and it's constitutionality. (IRS created at the same time)
  4. 4.One of Glenn Becks recomended Books "The Secrets of the Federal Reserve" (Excellent research & read reviews!)
  5. 5.Arron Russo's excellent Documentary (America, From Freedom to Facism) on Exposing the System as it now exits.
  6. Please research these authors and producers. It provides an excellent look at what the goverment does not want you to ever learn about.
  7. Additional info can be found at:
  8. www.incometaxtruth.com
  9. www.constitutionalincome.com
  10. www.amazon.com/End-Fed-Ron-Paul/dp/0446549193
  11. www.rebelnews.org/downloads/Federal-reserve.pdf
  12. The Jury / Citizen's Rule Book A must read for all potential Jurors!
  13. The Future of our Country depends on an educated electorate.
  14. Look forward to the documentary in 2012. Thanks for your concern for our Country.
  15. Question Everything! Know your own Truth!